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Personality Plus

“Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself” by Florence Littauer.

The book begins with a self-assessment test to find out your personality type. Then, in part two of the book, Littauer lays out the four different personalities, which I will outline in the next paragraph for you. In part three, the weaknesses of each personality are explained, as well as strategic ways to overcome them. Recognizing differences in each other and how to work around and with those differences, is the main topic of discussion in part four. And in the fifth and last portion of the book, Littauer talks about how understanding personalities can enable us to be more productive and positive people.

Littauer breaks down personalities into four general categories:

1) Popular Sanguine: the extrovert // the talker // the optimist.

2) Perfect Melancholy: the introvert // the thinker // the pessimist.

3) Powerful Choleric: the extrovert // the doer // the optimist.

4) Peaceful Phlegmatic: the introvert // the watcher // the pessimist.

Each personality has a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses. Most people are a combination of two or more of the four personalities. Littauer takes some time to go through natural, complementary, and opposite blends of the traits and how they affect every area of life.

Enlightenment on this topic can create the freedom to celebrate and enhance one another’s strengths versus focusing on one another’s weaknesses. Whether you’re seeking to better understand yourself, your spouse, your child(ren), your co-workers, your team, your friends, or your competition, this book will give you the needed know-how to ramp up your leadership game and truly connect with people on a whole new level.

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