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Three Awesome Tips for Writing Creative Speeches!

One of the most common expectations of leaders is to “say a few words”. Sometimes the opportunity is speaking in front of a small group of people in an informal meeting, while other times you’re expected to write a script part to perform in front of thousands! Whatever the occasion, here are a couple of TRI This!tips for writing creatively:

1.       Pick an angle – any angle!

Nobody wants to hear a boring speech, and you certainly don’t want to be giving one. So if you need to speak about recruiting members to your organization, don’t take the easy path toward boring, but think of a creative spin you could put on the part! You could tell a story, connect it to real life events, make up fictional characters, speak in rhyme…anything to break the monotony of “just another speech.”

2.       Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.

The best place to start when writing something…is just to write something! Often times it’s getting the first few words on to the paper that holds us up. Think of a couple of different angles, pick one that seems likely to pay off, and just start moving in that direction. It’s much easier to mold an already existing idea into something workable rather than trying frantically to find the perfect idea. No idea is perfect – that’s what’s great about creativity! So pick a GOOD idea and work to make it great.

3.       Make yourself laugh – or at least smile

Trying to write to entertain can be challenging, but luckily you have an audience who knows a lot about speaking – YOU! Whether it’s corny, over the top, or just plain silly, a speaking part that will entertain you will be more likely to entertain the audience. Just remember to stay away from inside jokes or references that will go over the audience’s head – if you’re the ONLY person laughing, you haven’t done your job.