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A 5-Minute Morning in the Life of a Local TV Station’s Sales Department

Our TEAMTRI family is comprised of people from many different backgrounds and experiences. This week, TEAMTRI’s Shelby Watson shares a small glimpse into the daily life of the sales department at a local television station. We hope you’ll find this peek as insightful and interesting as we did!

Every morning starts off with a newsletter email from “Spots and Dots,” a media-buying industry term for television spots, and the dots is just to make it sound catchy. Spots and Dots discusses earnings reports for major corporations, retail industry trends from the previous month, and which major broadcast network won in ratings the night before.
The ratings report is the most important piece of information. Why? If your “numbers don’t post,” meaning if you tell an advertiser to whom you sold an ad spot that they will receive 2.4 rating points of viewers and the program only reaches a 2.0, then you have to give them another TV spot to make up for the points. These are called “make goods.” Luckily, it is abnormal not to post the numbers predicted.
One of the most interesting aspects of working in the advertising industry is knowing how much companies spend on a :30 second TV spot…then being surprised at how much business it brings in the next day to make it all worth it.