Delicious Leadership Service Part 1: Lessons from Canlis

At TEAMTRI we believe great leadership happens from the inside out. And, we believe that every organization – whether it’s a family, nonprofit, publicly traded company, or family-owned restaurant – has the capacity and responsibility to learn and practice sincere, authentic, and real leadership to serve others—and when real Inflatable pool Canada leadership happens everyone benefits and grows.

So, while we do our work in leadership, we are constantly reading, studying, and searching for examples of leaders and organizations who have figured out real service and leadership. That’s what led our Team to Seattle to study Canlis.

We are avid fans of the Building a StoryBrand Podcast with Donald Miller and Donald featured the Seattle-based restaurant, Canlis, on episode 8. So, while we were out serving a wonderful client (the School Nurses Organization of Washington), we surprised two of our super TEAMTRI leaders with dinner at Canlis. We wanted to show our appreciation for their great work and also give them the opportunity to personally experience leadership and service lessons from Canlis and relay them to inspire our work.

Over the next few articles, we’ll feature insights from Event Services Manager Trevor Mulholland and Accounting Services Manager Michelle Collins and their experience dining at Canlis and all they learned dining at what Business Insider rates as one of the 10 best restaurants in the United States.

Enjoy the delicious leadership insights from Trevor and Michelle and thank you again to the Canlis Crew for exceeding the incredibly high expectations we had for you!

Leadership Service Lessons from Canlis

By Trevor Mulholland

There have been very few meals in my life that have really stood out – a fine steakhouse for my high school graduation, a beautiful Italian feast on a study abroad trip to Florence, and now, my recent experience at Canlis.

Growing up in a large family, nice meals have always been reserved for extremely special occasions (graduations, engagements, etc.) TEAMTRI recently treated Michelle and me to Canlis – we had studied the restaurant on a recent Team Call, and were both ecstatic to dine at this renowned establishment.

From the moment we arrived, just about every interaction with the team at Canlis gave me goosebumps. Was this what it’s like to be a celebrity? I may never know the answer to this, but I am positive that every person in that restaurant was treated as if they were the only person there. Here are a few lessons that can be applied in the workplace to give every person you encounter the Canlis Experience.

Lesson 1: Little Details Are a Big Deal

Every course we enjoyed was intentionally thought out. The bread we were served before our first course came atop a dish of warmed grains of rice – not cooked rice, but warmed so that it kept the bread perfectly toasty without getting soggy. This was just one of the many details they delivered perfectly throughout the dining experience. Everything matters at Canlis.

Lesson: While not always acknowledged, people appreciate the extra thought and effort put into making their experience outstanding at your restaurant, store, or place of business. They may never tell you, but, they are likely to tell others. Whether it’s a dinner course, an email, the presence you have in a meeting, helping someone to the car, learning the wants and preferences of your customers, or the way you format a document—the little things add up to the experience people have of you and your organization.

Application: We are going to study our “routines” at home and at work and look for simple ways to add little adjustments that show how much we really care and think things through. When you remember and pay attention to the little details, you are telling others “you are a BIG DEAL to me.”

Up Next…The Importance of Stories in Delivering Delicious Service

Join us for the second part of this four-part series next week as we highlight delicious leadership by Canlis and share about the importance of stories in delivering great service.

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