Delicious Leadership Service Part 3: Lessons from Canlis

At TEAMTRI we believe great leadership happens from the inside out. And, we believe that every organization whether it’s a family, a nonprofit, a publicly traded company, or a family owned restaurant has the capacity and responsibility to learn and practice sincere, authentic, and real leadership to serve others—and when real leadership happens everyone benefits and grows.

So, while we do our work in leadership, we are constantly reading, studying, and searching for examples of leaders and organizations who have figured out real service and leadership. Enjoy the delicious leadership insights from Trevor and Michelle’s epic experience dining at Canlis Restaurant in Seattle in Part 3 of 4 of this series. Thank you again to the Canlis Crew for exceeding the incredibly high expectations we had for you!

Lesson 3: Make People Feel Special

By Trevor Mulholland

When we concluded our meal, we got up to leave, anxious to get a picture by the gorgeous sprawling fireplace in the atrium. We completely forgot about the photo as we walked up and saw the Director of Service holding Michelle’s jacket near the fire to warm it before we headed out into the cold blustery Seattle weather. While small and unexpected, this was the epitome of our service experience at Canlis. We felt special—from beginning to end.

Lesson: Making others feel special is not a program, it’s a mindset… and more accurately, a heartset. It took paying attention, a caring heart, and about 60 seconds of action to warm Michelle’s coat. It’s so easy as leaders to pay attention to grand plans, strategies, checklists, and reports that we miss those simple moments to make someone else’s day. Canlis doesn’t miss and it encouraged us not to miss our Canlis moments either.

Application: Michelle and I are planner people, we can’t help it. But, we have now factored into our “to do lists”, planning to take the time to make the people in our lives (our families and friends, our customers, colleagues, and fellow humans) feel as special as they really are to us.

Up Next… Why Listening to Your Elders Really Does Pay Off

Thank you for joining us for part three of the leadership lessons we learned dining at Canlis. In the fourth and final part of our series, Michelle will share why the timeless wisdom of “listening to your elders” really does pay off.

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