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From Likes to Followers: How to Increase Engagement at your Next Event

In the fall of 2004 I was a freshman at the University of Colorado at Boulder when rumblings of a new site were first being heard. My friends started to sign up for “The Facebook”, but I wasn’t sure if this site was worth my time. By January of 2005, I gave in to the peer pressure and never looked back. A lot has changed in these past twelve years – Facebook has grown from 1.2 million to 1.75 billion users, and the entire concept of social media has changed the way we communicate, connect, and consume.

When planning events for today’s young adults, you cannot lose Dino bouncers sight of the importance of social media. But just having a feed is not enough. Just making a post is not enough. Just picking a hashtag is not enough. In today’s social media-centric landscape, how do you truly engage your conference attendees and increase followership? Here are ten tips to raise the bar and help your event connect like never before. Some may seem obvious, but the key to successful engagement is quality execution.

  1. Go Live: Plan to go live during a few key moments! Perhaps you go Facebook Live as registration begins, the doors to the general session open, or the new officer team is being announced. This engages those not in attendance so they feel a part of the event.
  2. Social Media Wall: There are lots of great options out there, but one we have used before is Tint. Have a station setup in a prime conference location that shows a feed of all the posts from your conference hashtag. Attendees will want to see their posts on the wall, and it becomes a great focal point for your event.
  3. Social Media Shoutouts: Use your general sessions as a moment to recognize attendees who have been posting on social media. Read a few tweets and share a few of your favorite posts onstage in front of everyone. This is a simple way to make your social media shoutout more fun and exciting for the attendees.
  4. Name Badge Ribbons: Attendees love ribbons on their name badges! Have ribbons printed for each social media network your organization is on, and have your leaders hand them out to attendees who can show that they like or follow your page.
  5. Hashtags: Be sure to have an event hashtag identified early and promote it leading up to the event and during the event. Not only does it create dialogue and foster conversation, it also helps you collect great feedback and user generated content! Pick a hashtag that is easy to remember and promote it everywhere you can.
  6. Personalize Content: Think about each network and how your users interact on that network. Your content should look different on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Think creatively and have fun!
  7. Officer Handles: Do your officers want to engage with members more? Most likely, so make it easy for them! Promote your officer’s social media handles in the program and on screen during the general sessions.
  8. Raffle Prizes: Offer prizes exclusively through your social media channels! Promote them during the sessions, celebrate the winners, and recognize those who participate. But only offer the prizes through your desired social media channels so you are driving traffic where you want.
  9. Snapchat Geofilter: This one is a must for all youth-related events. Be sure to set up a geofilter for your event. Even better, create a few for different moments in the event! Maybe you have one primary conference geofilter, and then a special one for the awards session. Think of when your attendees will want to post the most, and customize geofilters for those moments!
  10. Conference Program: This may seem obvious, but it is not always utilized! The conference program is the number one resource attendees use for information on your event. Be sure to not just list your social media usernames in the program, but include each networks icons (we live in a visual world) and promote the hashtag.

Do you have more ideas? Share your ideas with me on Twitter (@teamtri_sean) and best of luck as you prepare for your upcoming event!


A 5-Minute Morning in the Life of a Local TV Station’s Sales Department

Our TEAMTRI family is comprised of people from many different backgrounds and experiences. This week, TEAMTRI’s Shelby Watson shares a small glimpse into the daily life of the sales department at a local television station. We hope you’ll find this peek as insightful and interesting as we did!

Every morning starts off with a newsletter email from “Spots and Dots,” a media-buying industry term for television spots, and the dots is just to make it sound catchy. Spots and Dots discusses earnings reports for major corporations, retail industry trends from the previous month, and which major broadcast network won in ratings the night before.
The ratings report is the most important piece of information. Why? If your “numbers don’t post,” meaning if you tell an advertiser to whom you sold an ad spot that they will receive 2.4 rating points of viewers and the program only reaches a 2.0, then you have to give them another TV spot to make up for the points. These are called “make goods.” Luckily, it is abnormal not to post the numbers predicted.
One of the most interesting aspects of working in the advertising industry is knowing how much companies spend on a :30 second TV spot…then being surprised at how much business it brings in the next day to make it all worth it.

5 Tips for An Awesome Announcement!

Planning a successful announcement – whether it be for a new product, campaign, or initiative – can be challenging. In today’s crowded digital environment, there is a very real chance that your announcement may get lost in the noise if not planned and executed correctly.

Here are 5 tips for planning and implementing a successful announcement that is sure to get people talking.

1. Plan Ahead

In business, just as in life, planning ahead is crucial to success. When it comes to a big announcement, you will find it helpful to start early and map out exactly what steps need to be taken to roll out your announcement.

One great way to do this is to create a calendar with your team that outlines what and when things need to be done. Planning your campaign in a visual way not only helps you stay on track, but can serve as a way to keep the rest of your team on the same page with deadlines and deliverables.




2. Be Innovative

By definition, innovation is achieving a result in a non-traditional way. When thinking about how to capture people’s attention for your announcement, don’t look too much at what others have done before. Instead, put yourself in your audience’s shoes by asking

  1. Which platforms do they use?
  2. When do they use them?
  3. How do they use them?
  4. What is likely to stand out and grab their attention?


By working backwards, you can tailor your specific strategies around their behaviors, thus increasing your chance of successfully getting your message in front of their eyes. If something hasn’t been tried before, maybe it should.


3. Create Anticipation

When Apple makes an announcement, they don’t just decide to host an event and hope that people will show up. Instead, they sent out cryptic invitations out ahead of time in hopes of creating a sense of anticipation.



For an announcement, consider creating some teaser content that provides your audience with details about when the big reveal is.


In my work in the nonprofit world, Nevada DECA did just that before announcing their state theme.

When Samsung was preparing to announce their new line of innovative smartphone, which they dubbed “The Next Big Thing,” they provided popular bloggers and other tech influencers with an opportunity to test out the new product before it was announced to the public. The result was pivotal: positive reviews flooded the Internet the day of the launch, and people were motivated to get their hands on the phone.


When you are planning a big announcement, get a few members and advisors in on it by providing them some details and encouraging them to help spread the news.

5. Maintain Momentum

After the big announcement, don’t let the excitement fade away! Continue creating content that not only reminds people of what was announced but also continues the hype.


If you announced a state theme, include that theme in your future social media posts. If you rolled out your community service project, provide updates that remind people to take action. Whatever your big announcement is, concentrating on maintaining the excitement around it.

Good luck!

12 More Incredible Apps to Drum Up On Your Smartphone! #12DaysOfLeadership

Welcome to TeamTRI’s 12 Days of Leadership! From now until Christmas we’ll be celebrating the holiday season by sharing 12 days of powerful leadership ideas, resources and content. We hope these articles get you in the holiday spirit and ready to go lead the world to greatness! Today’s article is by Hayley Henderson (@TeamTRI_Hayley) and Curtis Haley (@TeamTRI_Curtis)

The world of technology is changing constantly, with innovative apps leading the way. The world of smartphone and tablet apps is a world of delights. There are applications that turn your device into a beautiful musical instrument, a living book or a productivity powerhouse!

Chances are, your smart devices are already loaded with favorites like Instagram, Spotify and Snapchat, but there’s a wealth of exciting software to be found when you dig a bit deeper.

Here are the Top 12 apps we used in 2015 to help your new year get started with a bang!

1) Fancy Hands 

Have you ever wanted your very own personal assistant? The Fancy Hands app gives you access to thousands of US-based virtual assistants, ready to help you wherever you are in the world. You can dictate your task into the app, submit it, and an assistant will get started on your task right away. If you are not already a Fancy Hands member, you can sign up through the app: $25/month for 5 requests, $45/month for 15 requests, and $65/month for 25 requests. Whenever you have that feeling of needing an extra set of hands… let Fancy Hands help you out. 

2) SlideShare

Boost your knowledge anytime, anywhere with the official SlideShare app. Explore over 15 million presentations, videos, and infographics in stunning, full-screen layouts. You can now even discover content in your favorite topics, with over 30 to explore – from Technology to Leadership to Engineering and Healthcare. While you are exploring all of this wealth of knowledge, make sure you check the TRI Leadership SlideShare while you are there.

3) Uber

This travel app got HUGE this year as it revolutionized the world of door-to-door transportation and took taxis into the 21st century. View a map of Uber drivers in your area, book it on your phone, text the driver to confirm your location, pay through your phone, and in some cars, even control the music on the radio through Spotify! Check it out!

4) WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. In addition to basic messaging, WhatsApp users can create groups, and send each other unlimited images, videos and audio messages.

5) Yelp

Hunger pangs hit in a new city? Just want to try something new in your hometown? Time to check Yelp! With star ratings from other users, detailed information about all of your options, and even search options which let you search only for places open and nearby, Yelp is your one-stop shop for finding a great place to eat or play!


6) Pic Stitch

What happens when you take SO MANY good selfies that you can’t pick just one to upload to Instagram? You use Pic Stitch! Combine photos, change their sizes, and make your own digital collage to impress your friends and followers!


7) SoundHound

There are lots of apps out there which will help you identify the song on the radio – but how many will let you hum or sing the song banging around in your head to help identify it? SoundHound does just that, making it perfect for looking up songs you barely remember. For bonus fun, challenge your friends to sing a song well enough for the app to recognize it!


8) Redbooth 

Redbooth is a collaboration and communication platform that provides a single place for shared tasks, discussions, file sharing, group chat and HD video conferencing. Redbooth is simple to use and flexible, enabling project teams and departments at thousands of companies to get work done. This is a great app to cut down on how many emails get sent to your inbox. Within your group, you can assign certain tasks and projects and form groups within Redbooth. This is a great way to keep your teams organized and to help accomplish your goals.


9) FedEx Office

Got something you need to print in a hurry? The FedEx Office app can help you not just do it quickly, but directly from files in the cloud, all using your phone! Find a nearby location, click a few buttons, and voila – your print order will be complete!


10) Genius Scan

This one has revolutionized the way we send documents to each other! Need to scan a document to email or fax to someone? Just use your phone! This app is easy to use, and even integrates with your cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox!


11) Dropbox

Speaking of cloud storage, nobody does it easier or better than Dropbox. Create a free 2GB account, and any documents you put into the folder will sync across your phone, web browser, and any other computers you might be syncing between. We love it!



12) LastPass

Finally, one password to rule them all! LastPass is a password manager which will help you generate secure passwords for all of your sites, remember them all, AND access all of them on any device by remembering just one master password. Just remember your master password, and make it secure enough to not be guessed easily!


Do you have a favorite app that did not make our list? Share it here on the TRI This! Blog, or tweet us @TeamTRI! We want to hear from you.

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6 Powerful SlideShare Presentations to Boost Your Success! #12DaysOfLeadership

Welcome to TeamTRI’s 12 Days of Leadership! From now until Christmas we’ll be celebrating the holiday season by sharing 12 days of powerful leadership ideas, resources and content. We hope these articles get you in the holiday spirit and ready to go lead the world to greatness! Today’s article is by Danielle Tolentino Tuason (@TeamTRI_DTT)

Even with the hustle and bustle of the season, there is something about the cold weather, warm fireplaces, and comforting holiday music that has us spending more time at home.  What do you do with your extra time at home?  Perhaps you choose to flip through the channels to see what is on TV, catch up on shows on Netflix, see what’s fun and interesting on YouTube, or settle in with a really great book.

Well, here is another option for you as you look to take a break from the shopping, the crowds, and the holiday parties – Learn and be visually entertained through SlideShare!  SlideShare began with a simple goal: To share knowledge online. It is THE online community when it comes to sharing presentations and other professional content.

So grab some hot chocolate with marshmallows, sit back, relax, and build your knowledge with these easy-to-view SlideShare presentations.  Here are six of our favorites:



Twitter: @guykawasaki @empoweredpres

In 2012, Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneurship guru, delivered a keynote speech to the graduates at Menlo College.  Captured in a visually fun Slide Share presentation by Empowered Presentations, viewers will learn his 10 key hindsights about life that are on point for new graduates!



Twitter: @SOAPprez

Tired of boring presentations and ineffective visuals on screen?  Enter…SOAP Presentations!  SOAP stands for State of the Art Presentations and they aim to create resources for anyone making presentations.  What is most appealing is that their resources are also great examples of eye catching, professional, and effective presentation visuals.  Check out their 10 tips on powerful body language.



Twitter: @PowerfulPoint @lawnrocket @DisneyPixar

Still have the cup of hot chocolate?  Well, you may want to grab a bowl of popcorn as well.  It’s movie night!  For years we have been entertained by the stories of Pixar.  Whether it’s Pixar shorts, or full length films, Pixar has developed the key formulas to captivating an audience with storytelling.  Learn some of their rules of storytelling as presented by PowerfulPoint featuring Tweets by Emma Coats, formerly of Pixar.



Twitter: @HubSpot

Interested in an advertising or marketing career? This is the SlideShare presentation for you. An insightful overview of what the needs are in the industry and how you can bring value to the ever-changing landscape of marketing. This presentation was created by HubSpot, a company presenting a more modern spin on marketing, who has posted over 700 presentations on their SlideShare channel.



Twitter: @TeamTRI

Whether we recognize it or not, we are on the verge of welcoming a new generation. Defined in this presentation as the Zoomer Generation, this emerging generation will bring us to a total of five generations, all working together in today’s workforce. In this presentation for school administrators, created by TeamTRI, viewers will explore how to engage and prepare this new generation for the world of work through Career and Technical Student Organizations.



Twitter: @psfk

The Future of Work presentation highlights a report published by PSFK Labs, who publishes a series of reports which discuss future trends and serve as resources for future innovation. From the future of health, to the future of cities, and the future of retail, PSFK Labs has its eyes set on future trends. The Future of Work presentation concentrates on four themes about the future of work: Ideal Workforce, Empowered Culture, Intuitive Connection, and Agile Workplaces.

Did you like what you see here? You can view more SlideShare presentations through the newly launched Slide Share app! This app allows you to choose your areas of interest so that it can curate information and content that speak to your interests. Also, in May 2012, SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn, making sharing your content with your network even easier through this handy app! You can download it on iTunes or on Google Play by clicking those links!

Those are some of our favorites! Did we miss any? Leave a comment below or tweet us @TeamTRI!