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11 Pipers Piping Leadership on Twitter! #12DaysOfLeadership

Welcome to TeamTRI’s 12 Days of Leadership! From now until Christmas we’ll be celebrating the holiday season by sharing 12 days of powerful leadership ideas, resources and content. We hope these articles get you in the holiday spirit and ready to go lead the world to greatness! Today’s article is by Ryan Underwood (@TeamTRI_CEO)

Twitter has over 650 million users and there are tens of thousands who provide super inspiration, quality content, and great tips on effective and influential leadership. It would be easier to provide a list of the “Top 100 Leadership Resources to Follow on Twitter” but, that wouldn’t be keeping with the spirit of our 12 Days of Leadership now would it?

Our list is not based on number of followers, volume of tweets, awards received, or fame. Rather it’s based on their intentional quality, living example of leadership, and the daily positive impact they have on us as leaders—and that we hope can have on you, too!

Here’s our list of 11 Pipers Piping About Leadership. We’ve also included a brief description of what you’ll find when you follow them on Twitter. How many of these leaders do you follow?

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@JeremieKubicek and @SteveCockram


@ArtofManliness and @WomenOfHistory

@TLCTalk @KouzesPosner @Jim_Kouzes @Student_Leaders







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@AndyStanley: Over 400,000 followers tune in to learn from Andy Stanley brilliant thoughts on leadership, communication, faith and wisdom. His presentations at Leadercast, Catalyst, podcast, mobile apps, and more are epic. If you want to be blessed and be a better leader—you want to follow Andy.

@JeremieKubicek and @SteveCockram:  We know these are two Twitter leaders, but, as is the habit of many great leaders, they attract great partners and you find yourself incomplete without knowing them both. So, we’re sneaking in two as one.  Jeremie and Steve are the dynamic duo behind GiANT Worldwide. They are positively changing the world through applied learning by building a culture of liberating leadership one apprentice at a time. They spend each day encouraging and equipping legions of humble leaders with tools to bring high support and challenge to those around them and usher in great growth for all.  Ultimately, they build great leaders who know how to build other great leaders. If you want to have your leadership world rocked—add Jeremie and Steve to your life.

@MichaelHyatt:  If we had one phrase to describe Michael Hyatt it would be “prolific leadership awesomeness.”  The former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers is now a one-man leadership publishing machine as evidenced by his 35,000 Tweets on everything from leadership and productivity to personal development and developing your platform. Michael is a model of social media and marketing prowess and you’ll not only learn from what he shares, but, in how he shares it.

@ArtofManliness and @WomenOfHistory:  Combined these two leaders on Twitter reach over three quarters of a million followers with daily doses of inspiration, how to’s, what not’s to do, and more. While the content of these handles are not curated by the same leaders—their positive impact on men and women in all stages of their leadership journey cannot be denied. And, in case you’re the type of leader who likes to keep score—the title goes to the ladies (#girlpower)! @WomenOfHistory has 682,000 followers while @ArtofManliness has a mere 102,000 followers. But, regardless of your gender, you’ll not be at your fullest leadership potential if you’re not following both.

Jim Kouzes + Barry Posner = @TLCTalk @KouzesPosner @Jim_Kouzes @Student_Leaders: Okay, we realize this one is now four handles on Twitter, but, as is the habit of many great leaders they attract great partners (wait, did we already say this?) AND they build an incredible product together. Such is the case of the dynamic duo of Jim Kouzes and Dr. Barry Posner and their world renowned work The Leadership Challenge. Jim and Barry are ranked in the Top 20 of the world’s Top 100 Thought Leaders because they’ve been collaborating together for over 30 years singularly on the topic of exemplary leadership and developing your personal best leadership. The result is their evidence-based clear path to leadership known as the Five Exemplary Practices of Leadership.  Their award winning work has sold over 2 million copies in more than 20 different languages helping leaders at all levels approach leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors.

@BobBurg: Knowing, learning, and listening to Bob Burg is like getting the chance to hang out with the great minds in leadership from the past century like Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, and James Allen—but with a contemporary view. Bob is a giant in terms of stature and so are his contributions to the world of leadership and business. He’s authored and co-authored bestselling books like The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More, Adversaries into Allies, and Endless Referrals. He teaches and shares through brilliant storytelling and proven insights and techniques that encourage all to grow as leaders and prosper for the benefit of others. You’ll love his work on the 5 Stratospheric Laws of Success.

@UberFacts:  “In his early years, Thomas Edison’s teachers thought he wasn’t smart enough to learn anything.” This is just one of 77,000 (and counting) facts that @UberFacts has shared with its 8 million followers. UberFacts would likely not classify itself as a resource on leadership. But, you would be wise to add this Twitter handle (and mobile app) to your world as a source of thought provoking, stimulating, fun, and often jaw dropping facts that have implication and application for leaders at all levels.

@MattTenney1:  Matt Tenney is the bestselling author of Serve to be Great – Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom. Matt’s world is about leadership through service and teaching how extraordinary leaders achieve lasting success. His unique experience in prison, as a monk, and a social entrepreneur provide powerful leadership lessons for leaders of all ages and stations. What we love about Matt’s work is that it’s rooted in research with practical application that produces positive results.

@GuyKawasaki:  Every time we visit Guy Kawaski’s Twitter handle, we and his 1.4 million followers often wonder the same thing, “What will he Tweet next?” His personal mantra is “I empower people” and he does a large part of that through all he Tweets (134,000 of them, but who’s counting?).  Since Apple he’s written 12 bestselling books, founded startups, and is behind the website founded to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?”  When you aim your learning from Guy and Alltop in the direction of “what’s happening in leadership” you get profound, interesting, funny and powerful stories to fill your heart and mind and get your feet moving forward.

@FastCoLead:  What’s better than @FastCompany?  Fast Company dedicating an entire place in the Twitter universe to exclusively to leadership!  Articles, interviews, videos, research, tips, stories, and great writing all aimed at giving leaders ideas that inform, inspire, and get you working at better serving those who follow you.

@TEDTalks: How can you create a list of 11 Pipers Piping about Leadership and not include the outstanding nonprofit that has brought together thousands of the world’s great leaders to simply talk? We are not sure what is most brilliant about TED: that they bring together the world’s greatest leaders to share, that what is shared is 9 out of 10 times mind blowing, that all that is shared is free to billions of aspiring leaders to learn, or that TED can get these leadership giants to share what is often a lifetime of lessons into their most innovative and engaging message delivered in 18 minutes or less!

So, there you have our 11 Leadership Pipers for this year. Who should we follow and pipe about for next year? Comment below or send us a tweet @TeamTRI!

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