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Fan Mail

“I would drive 500 miles to hear that speaker again!”

-Adviser Leadership Graduate, Institute for Leaders

Nothing is as important to us as customer satisfaction. The successes of our partners are our units of measurement for the effectiveness of TRI Leadership Resources, LLC. Read on to learn exactly how our clients feel about the services they've received from TeamTRI!

Ryan, I wanted to thank you and Amy for doing such a wonderful job with our recent Officer Leadership training sessions. From working with the officers on Sunday through the entire day on Monday, you both were the ultimate professionals. Our students raved about both of you! (Hated the temperature of the rooms, but loved you both!)
-Christina Hess, Missouri Department of Education, FBLA State Adviser
Carrie, thank you and the team for the great work you did at National HOSA.  The flow of the closing ceremonies can sometimes be confusing for the people in the audience but you and your team give it the best effort to make it run smoothly.  Everyone loves that it does not drag out and that  ample time is given for every top three winner to be recognized. Dr. Tim Webb has been telling everyone, that will listen here at the state department, how impressive and professional our opening session was.  He told the assistant commissioners that did not attend they missed a wonderful experience.  I think that is definitely a testament to your working so well with National HOSA on making our sessions better.  Thank you for the hard work!
-Sheila Carlton, RN, BSN, Tennessee HOSA State Advisor
Byron, I am a friend of Michael Wade Smith (former FCCLA National President) and during National FCCLA he highly recommended you as a presenter!  I would enjoy visiting with you about speaking out our Iowa state conference.

-Mary Ann Adams, Iowa FCCLA Adviser

Ryan, you are one of the best speakers I have met. I look up to you and your ability to engage yourself with the audience and make leadership lessons fun, interesting, and applicable. Now I'm even more motivated to have another successful and effective year in FBLA. You "rocked" this weekend at the FBLA Region Officer Academy.
-Jeweleon Jones, Georgia FBLA Region Officer
Great job guys (Amy, Brycen, Curtis, Kent, and Sean)...had a blast! I heard my kids say this was the best DECA trip they had ever been on and that includes WRLC and Nationals.

-Lacee Manus, DECA Advisor


I want you to know that YOU have changed my life forever.  I learned a long time ago... I would do anything to help out anybody but, time costs money.... Thank you for your time you spent with me/us.

-Mark Mauldin, Stanly Community College, Albemarle, NC


You are amazing! Every time you put on a workshop I went.  The things you teach are very valuable. You know how to get through to everyone. Being able to work with you was a great experience!  Thank you!

-Carollynn Peterson, Nevada FBLA State Treasurer 2008-09


Absolutely love TeamTRI. You guys are the best. Thanks for making my IFL and NLC amazing!

-Scott Salopek, Maryland FBLA


“Honestly, I have seen quite a few leadership curriculum books--and even written a few myself--and yours (Personal Leadership Insight: Leadership Locator and the Navigator by Rhett Laubach and Ryan Underwood) presents great ideas, info, and lessons in a welluctured, easy-to-use format that is like nothing else I've seen.  I love the concept of the PI Essentials and how you've structured everything around them. Love the layout.  Kudos to both of you (Rhett and Ryan)!” 

Vice President, Alliance for Student Activities
CEO, Leadership Logistics
Editor, DECA Dimensions magazine
Editor, FCCLA Teen Times magazine
Former leadership class teacher
Dear Amy and Ryan, On behalf of DECA’s National Officer  Team 63 I would like to thank you all for your help at the Summer Officer Training Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.  Even as National Officers we really took a lot out of your workshops and activities.   We look forward to working with you throughout the upcoming year. 
-DECA National Vice President Mike LeVeccque and Team 63
Last year, your Program of Work breakout session was the highest rated session by the advisors at the CTSO Advisor Training. I was asked me to bring back the best breakouts (by popular demand) and your POW session is at the top of the list.
-Charles Wallace, Maryland SkillsUSA and HOSA State Advisor
All I can say is "Wow" and "Oh my goodness". You went above and beyond for me yet again. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If there is anything that you ever need from me let me know! Thank you for all your dedication and for helping me be the best I can be. 
-Gabrielle Pendleton, Oregon FBLA State President
We appreciate the high level of training and professionalism you provided to the Maryland CTSO state officers last week. It was clear at the conclusion of the training that the officers were cohesive teams ready to represent and lead their respective organizations. I only hope their boards can keep up!  Thanks again for facilitating a first-rate student officer training experience. We look forward to working with you in the future. 
-Maryland Department of Education

“In planning and producing The National Education Summit we were supported by an excellent team to whom we owe much appreciation.  A special thanks to TRI Leadership Resources for their vision, guidance, and ability to handle the ‘curveball.’”

-The Aspen Institute
Chapter Officer Training was a huge success!  Thanks for your guidance and leadership! 
-Ryan Hamilton, Arizona FBLA State Adviser

Hello Team TRI and Ryan Underwood, It has been my good fortune to attend the first and second HOSA Washington Leadership Academies.  Although I know that the information is designed for students, the information has been very valuable to me also.  I have been able to implement some of your strategies into my own presentation style in my classroom.  The information you provide is fresh, unique and fast-paced - just the way I like it!  One thing that I really appreciate is the way you were able to provide the students with interactive team-building activities, and then also apply those activities to learning and improving leadership and presentation skills. The addition of music makes your presentations even more lively.  I really hope to see you again next year in Washington, DC. Thanks again for a wonderful Academy.

Connie Sullivan, RN
Medical Careers Teacher
HOSA Internship Coordinator and Advisor
Blaine High School

Amy!  Thank you so much for WROTC in Reno! I had such an amazing time learning from you and Ryan! You are absolutely hilarious and made everything so much more fun to learn. I gained a lot of knowledge in those sessions and also had a blast! Keep doing what you are dong and hopefully I'll see you again! Thank you again and please keep in touch! P.S. RED BULL AND PIXIE STICKS!

-Charli Santos, Area 2 President, Washington DECA
The results are in!  Amy was a hit with three by-name comments and an Excellent rating from 71 of 122 respondents and Very good from 33.  (I’ll never think of Peeps the same again!) Ryan, your session received 5 positive by-name comments and your presentation was a hit.  Thank you both for being a part of our conference and congratulations on a job well done.
-Nevada Association for Career Technical Education

“TRI:  Thank you so much for your great training during the Ultimate State Officer Academy in Washington, DC.  Your training helped create life-long memories and further prepare me for the rest of my FCCLA year.  Through your training I was able to design goals and action plans.  Not only did we receive great training, but, you also created a fun environment during training.  Thank you so much for your support of FCCLA.  It is with your help that makes FCCLA the great organization it is today.”

-Mega Sauber, Kansas FCCLA State President

Mary, I just wanted to thank you for guiding us through the third part of LEADS.  The entire State Action Team felt the same way; we appreciated the personal attention and useful information we gained during our attendance at the Southern Region Conference.  We felt like you had been there as an officer and you were able to provide useful information during this last part of our time as state officers.  I am glad you are involved with different DECA officers from different states and provinces and hope you continue to do this in the future.
-Brandon, Oklahoma DECA State Officer

Just a note to congratulate Brent Neilson, Ryan Hamilton and Ryan Underwood on a top-notch event today at the JTED!  The professionalism of the presenters and the attendees, the materials, the food, and the excellent presentation skills of Ryan and Ryan,  all made for a great day.  Brent, Ryan and Ryan are all too modest to brag – but it was a beautiful sight!  They are so professional in their dress, their conversation, and their attitudes.   Sincerely, Curt

Curt Bertelsen
Coordinator of Staff Development
Pima County JTED

Hello there Ryan! I just ran across your business card and thought of you and the GREAT JOB you did for us this year at camp!  Have a great day!

-Mrs. Jody aka Mrs. Manners, Team Focus
Mr. Underwood, I would like to thank you for speaking at the West Virginia FFA's 2008 Winter Leadership Conference.  Your presentation was truly engaging and the members really enjoyed it. 
-KevinShipe, West Virginia FFA Vice President
You all have a VERY WELL OILED machine…one of the VERY BEST I have seen!!!!  
-White House Advance Lead

“You guys put together a heck of an event for us in New Orleans (the Preserve America Summit).  People are still talking about how much they loved it.”

John L. Nau, III
Chairman of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
President & CEO of Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P.
TeamTRI!  Thank you for all of your help and support! Without so many years of training, I would have never been able to keep my head in the interviews for this internship. It took all of my courage to stay calm when I walked into the room of interviewers, but I remembered the training from IFLs and FBLA conferences and did not panic as much.  Have a wonderful day!
-ZT (Zhan Tao Yang was selected by ABC News to be a news intern for the
Beijing Olympics and is a member of Wellesley College’s Class of 2010.
Amy!  Thank you so much for your presentation! That was perfect!  The teachers love having you here, and so do I!!
-Candi, Tennessee
I want to thank each and every one of you for a magnificent Helping America's Youth Regional Conference in Indiana.  All of us, including the First Lady, were extremely pleased with the outcome of the event.  It is important that you all know how much we appreciate all of your support - hard work, around the clock labor, late nights, etc.  We know that putting on conferences is not an easy task and we certainly appreciate your dedication to the effort.  I hope that all of you are able to get some R&R before our next regional conference – The First Lady was already asking about the next one . . .
-Policy and Projects, Office of the First Lady of the United States
“Ryan and Carrie:  It was such a pleasure working with the two of you and the whole TRI team for the National Education Summit.  Thanks so much for the many ways you went above and beyond to make the summit a success.  I have heard from numerous people that it was the "nicest" and best produced education conference they've ever attended and we owe all that to you.  People really enjoyed the feel of the summit so thank you.  Please tell all the team how much we appreciate TRI's efforts.  I really enjoyed our partnership and I look forward to working with you all again!  You're the best!”

– Townsend McNitt
Policy Consultant to The Aspen Institute
Former Deputy Chief of Staff
U.S. Department of Education


“Amy did an awesome job for us.  She is so fun to work with - and of course she loves the "ota" states! Again, thanks for working with us on our conferences - it was very successful.”

Kevin Reisenauer
State Supervisor, Marketing Education
State Advisor, DECA and Delta Epsilon Chi
North Dakota Career and Technical Education
“It’s not just what you do, it’s the way you do it.  TRI is my favorite crew to work with.” 
-U.S. Department of Education, Education Advisor
Elisa and TRI, I just wanted to thank you for all your help! I know you have to deal with a million details for conferences like this and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate how well you take care of us. Thanks!”

-Jason Kamras, National Teacher of the Year 2005 and Director of Human Capital Strategy,
District of Columbia Public Schools

Dear Mr. Barnes, Thank you so much for speaking at the DECA Conference this weekend.  Prior to this conference, my dad and I had a falling out, and I had not talked to him in 3 months.  During your speech on the first night, when you talked about making it the best it can be it really made me think.  Later that evening you had us read a list of "100 ways to be a leader", I started to cry. That is because number 53 said "Call someone you haven't talked to in a year." After your session, I went straight upstairs and called my dad. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for having us read that list. If it hadn't been for that night and your words, I honestly can say that I would still not be talking to my dad.  I wish you many safe journeys so that you can touch others lives like you have done mine! 
-Sincerely, Tasha, Florida DECA
“I wouldn’t want to do this job unless I had TRI here with me.  What you all do is amazing.  And I just want you to know how much we all appreciate all you go through to help us be the best.”
-Monty Rhodes, Executive Director Georgia FBLA
Ben! The Nevada FCCLA website has just morphed from good to great. Kudos to you!!! Thank you so much for your support of this project!
-Karen Chessell, Executive Director, Nevada FCCLA
Brycen!  Thank you so much!  You guys do an awesome job in supporting our students and our programs.  Keep up the great work!
-Denise Tighe, Valley High School, Marketing/Personal Finance, DECA Advisor, Nevada
“…your guy is great – the website has exceeded my expectations!”
“We appreciate you guys.  To paraphrase a great line from the movie A Few Good Men…”I sleep a little better knowing that you guys are on that wall saying nothing is going to go wrong tonight (or at least stay wrong)…”

-Gary Huggins
Director, Commission on No Child Left Behind
The Aspen Institute’s National Education Summit Planning Team Lead

“Byron Garrett was terrific!  We enjoyed his speech tremendously and our entire staff is now motivated for the opening of school!!”
-Janis Evans, Randolph Township Schools, NJ 
“Elisa, thank you so much for your care and attentiveness… it was a fine day and fine experience all around.”
-Michael Resnick, Ph.D., Director, Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center
Jay!  I just wanted to drop you a note and say "THANK YOU" for your time and giving such great classes. I took all of them but the "career coaching" class was the greatest and really inspired me to think of new and creative ways to show off my attributes without lying or a negative connotation. You are a great speaker and I had a lot of fun while I learned alot. I am so motivated to go to work and start using these skills. Since I graduated in June I will get to use them even more in my pursuit of a job. Thank you, pat*pat*clap*clap*snap*snap  GREAT JOB!
- Kristen Thompson, Institute for Leaders Career Leadership Track Graduate
“Elisa, thank you for making everything work out so smoothly.  You always make me feel as though I am the only person/detail/issue you need to work on at the time (while I am certain you have another thousand details to attend to).  As usual, it has been a pleasure working with you.”
-Dr. Terry Cline, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

“Thank you for your entire event planning team, so skilled and innovative.”

-Elona Street-Stewart, St. Paul Public Schools

Dear Kelly, Ryan, and Sean, I would personally like to thank you guys for the training I had last week. When I first heard about this opportunity I really did not know what to expect. All I really knew about this conference is that it was a chance for me to develop my leadership skills. I also did not expect other organizations to be here either. I thought it was just about HOSA. Therefore when I came up here I also learned what CTSO is really about; as well as learning about the other organizations. You have really opened my eyes to a broader horizon. Through all these activities I have mold myself into a better leader and state officer for HOSA. 

I really want to thank you for showing me etiquette, new ice breakers and energizers, ways to improve HOSA organizations, and most importantly, new leadership skills for my HOSA team and myself. This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. THANK YOU a million times plus one.

-Carolyn Nguyen, HOSA 2007-2008: executive officer of publishing and marketing
Hi Ryan! My name is Cassandra Ott. I am a senior at Palo Verde High Magnet School in Tucson, AZ. Last week, I attended the DECA conference you hosted in Phoenix. I just wanted to say you made a great presentation. It was very effective, yet also very enjoyable. Thank you for all the useful information. Happy Halloween!
-Cassandra Ott, Arizona DECA
Rhett & Elisa! Hello, I am Ashlee Hafford, DECA West Tennessee Vice President. it was an absolute pleasure to have you as our speaker for the Tennessee CTSO leadership conference at Murfreesboro. I learned a lot of leadership essentials and the Development Guide gave me awesome material I can take back to my organization and school. Thank you so much! With gratitude,
-Ashlee Hafford, DECA West Tennessee Vice President
Ryan, Just a quick note to let you know that all reports from the meeting have been very positive.  The members really enjoyed the day, especially your part.  Thanks for coming and making our meeting a success.
-Ginger Seibold, Sterling HS, SW District 4 FCCLA
Thanks Mr. Underwood!  I greatly enjoyed your speech as well.  People in my chapter have told me that they thought you really could connect with students.  I have remembered your instruction and your words for the entire year and Capitol Leadership was incredible!!!  Tell your wife I said hello.  Happy Heinz to you too!!! God Bless,
-Kent Butler, past National FCCLA Officer (now a Leadership Specialist at TeamTRI!)
Hey Ryan, Brycen, and Glenn: Just wanted to send you guys a quick note to tell you that I accepted a job at Bain & Company in their San Francisco office last week.  I’m pretty excited, especially since Bain was my first choice throughout the entire recruiting process (glad to be done after two full months of interviews).   Just wanted to send you guys an update and sincerely thank all of you for your help and coaching.  I really believe, and Luke and I had a long talk about this, that FBLA and TRI really gave us a lot of valuable experience that has allowed me (us) to deal with a diversity of leadership and business situations successfully.  So thank you!  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!
-Adam Burgh, Past Oregon FBLA State President, UC Berkley Honors Grad and Track Star,
and now a member of Mayor of New York’s Strategic Planning Team
(and a TeamTRI Associate Leadership Fellow!)
Hello! My name is Kristina Smith from Walla Walla, Washington and I got the pleasure of meeting you this year at the Institute for Leaders conference in Atlanta. I made top ten in the competition for Public Speaking II, 7th in the nation! I was elated. I also wanted to thank you for all the hard work and effort that was put into IFL. I just wanted to express to you personally how grateful I was to be able to attend. You guys went above and beyond. I simply want to thank you for helping make my time at nationals memorable, as a high school graduate off to college, NLC was my last big bang as a high school student and I could not have dreamt of a better way to end that chapter of my life and open the door to a new one. Thank You! 
-Kristina Smith, Washington FBLA
"Thank you for a great conference. The state officers did an outstanding job because of you and your staff’s leadership...and of course the opening and closing sessions were amazing!”
- Linda Gaylor, California Department of Education, Cal-HOSA State Adviser
“The conference in Nevada went extremely well. I was impressed with Team TRI and the ability they showed in tackling problems and seeing that everyone had a great experience. I can see now why you told me not to worry. Things were indeed well under control and I could tell that all the students and advisors enjoyed their experience. I couldn't have been more pleased and I know our State Superintendent Dr. Rheault and Workforce Development Manager Phyllis Dryden was impressed during their particular visits.”
- Dr. Greg Richens, Nevada Department of Education, FBLA State Chair
"CONGRATULATIONS to you and the entire LSN writing staff for 50 outstanding articles! This is a great achievement that you, your staff, and all the contributors should be extremely proud of. I also wanted to thank you for the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from the Leadership Solutions Network. Each month I look forward to the email with the newest articles. I feel empowered and motivated after reading your articles, and I wish you and your team best of luck on the next 50!”
- Jason Jerista, Temple University Student Leader, PBL State Officer

"I thought it would be intense training, but quickly found out that you can learn and have fun at the same time.”

- Principles of OfficerShip Graduate, Institute for Leaders
"Ryan, your leadership and organization has changed my life. My term was a complete success, hence that the Northern Region grew dynamically. I will never forget TeamTRI! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
- Chassey Ako, Nevada FBLA State Vice-President
“After all our years working together I maintain that the reason our state membership continues to grow in significant leaps each year is because of the wonderful kickoff your team gives us at our Fall Workshop at Penn State.”
- Bruce Boncal, Pennsylvania FBLA Executive Director
“The only thing that would make this training more effective would be more of it.”
- Principles of OfficerShip Graduate, Institute for Leaders

“Several of my students were extremely impressed by the motivational presentation you (Keith Howard) gave at the Pennsylvania State Leadership Workshop.  They came to me immediately and said that we should have Keith Howard give a presentation at our school.  They approach our principal and he would like to contact you to work out the possibility of you coming to our school.  We are very interested to having you come to speak to our student body.”

Kelly Puzio
Hughesville High School
"Ryan, I’ve heard a lot of speakers in my career—and you were great!"
– Bank One Vice President, Arizona
“Thank you for the intriguing and beneficial etiquette dinner this past Tuesday. We all enjoyed the evening so much! Your devotion and enthusiasm for the topic came through so clearly in your presentations that we could not help but learn an abundance of useful etiquette skills. We are so glad you were able to fit us into your busy schedules and we will always remember the lessons you taught us...Everything you did went above and beyond the call of duty. After all, one of the best ‘ships’ is leadership, and you both led us so well in etiquette training. We are bound to impress at our next formal event. Thank you!”
- Peters Township High School
“I’m ready to lead!”
- DECA State Officer Leadership Development Academy Graduate
“I wanted to experience in depth training. My expectations were definitely met!”
- Communication Leadership Graduate, Institute for Leaders
“It was wonderful! Thanks to TRI we’ve never had so many seek us out to tell us how great our state officer training program was. We are looking forward to more from you!”
- Shirlee Kyle, National DECA Division Director
“It (the training) far exceeded my expectations! I’ll be back next year!”
- Communication Leadership Graduate, Institute for Leaders
“I wanted to personally thank you for your work with North Dakota PBL. Skip was outstanding. He did a wonderful job and everyone loved his talks and the time they got to spend with him outside the workshop settings. I am really pleased with the TRI leadership team. Your organization is run very professionally and you should walk very tall in knowing that. You answered all of my questions and you energizing personality made it easy and fun to work with. I never felt that you put me on the "back burner". You treated me like I was your only customer and I think that’s how a business should be run.”
- Devin Cunningham, Conference Chair, North Dakota Phi Beta Lambda

“TeamTRI:  I just wanted to let you know that I have heard a lot of compliments about the SLW (Pennsylvania FBLA State Leadership Workshop) and the workshops that were offered (both from my students who were in attendance, as well as from other members and advisers from around PA).  Thank you for providing such informative and enjoyable workshops for these kids.  I will say I have heard from several advisers who’s students really learned a lot in Josh Coleman’s Financial Track (as I knew they would) so a job well done there as well.  Again, I wanted to thank you for an excellent SLW (I always enjoy working with you all).”

Kristi Ryland
State Adviser
Pennsylvania FBLA
“I really enjoyed this experience! It was my first but not last!”
- Principles of OfficerShip Graduate, Institute for Leaders
“I loved the training last year and wanted to learn more relevant information that is very helpful and motivating. It exceeded my expectations.”
- Mastering OfficerShip Graduate, Institute for Leaders
"The adventure team training was awesome! You really helped make our AuditFest a true team building experience and lots of fun.”
- FedEx Corporate Auditor
“WOW! That pretty much sums up the evaluations you received for the keynote at our recent state leadership conference! Members and advisers alike loved you and your message! Thank you so much for all you and Carrie did to make our conference a success. Both of you were awesome! Florida really enjoys working with you and TeamTRI! ”
- Jody Jones, Florida FBLA-PBL State Adviser
“I’m a chapter president in huge need of new ideas. I found them in this training! Thanks!”
- Mastering OfficerShip Graduate, Institute for Leaders
"Skip Lemoine presented at our 2003 conference and students are still talking about his presentation. We want to leave the audience with the same reaction—can you supply us with another great speaker for this year?"
- University of North Dakota Faculty
“I really enjoyed the simulations like the Peanut Butter and Jelly, Inc., the Advocacy, the Jig Saw Puzzle, etc.”
- Mastering OfficerShip Graduate, Institute for Leaders
“I came to the Institute because I wanted to gain a little insight. I gained a lot!”
- Principles of OfficerShip Graduate, Institute for Leaders
“As I prepare to deploy and lead men in combat, I often think about the things I have done in life that have brought me to this point. I look back on all of the meetings, conferences, and competitions I attended for FBLA and I am glad I was there. I know that much of what I learned from Lori and Ryan are helping me with the challenges (not problems) that I am facing on a daily basis. The biggest thing I have noticed is that just as all of you tried to teach us on State Action Team, leadership is a dynamic thing. Every issue a soldier has or challenge they face is different from the one before, and requires a different kind of attention and attitude when dealing with them. The planning I do now is different, as well as the decisions I make, but the way I face them is largely the same as it has always been. Many of the leadership tools that I employ with my men and even with my peers have spawned from the very things that I learned about teamwork from you. Often it is hard to make the decisions I make, doing the right thing often is, but knowing that I am in a position of servitude leadership, and that I have a duty to those that I lead and I can set them up for success makes it all worthwhile. I know that a large part of that ability for me to make those decisions and the feelings of accomplishment and pride I have when I see my men safe and successful come from what I learned during my years with TRI.”
- Jesston R Wagner, West Point Graduate

“Josh!  You were amazing!!! Your explanations were so down to earth and easy to understand--I do NOT have a financial mind and your info made sense to me!  I think a workshop for advisors would be great!!!  It's difficult to portray the economical mess we are in to 9th graders--they don't even know what a "transaction" is!!!!”

Mrs D--aka Brenda
Mrs. Brenda DeWire
Business/Tech Educator
Central Columbia High School
Thank you so much for helping me on that speech! It went awesomely! Everyone did nothing but comment positively on the delivery and content of the message. Thank you again!"
-HOSA Alumnus
“TRI Leadership Resources does an EXCELLENT job in leadership training of the students! Thank You!”
- Barbara Amy, Freeport High School, Pennsylvania

“Preparing students for the “real world” cannot be accomplished without support from the school, home, and the business community. Understanding the value of networking skills, early career preparation, communication skills, responsibility, integrity, and education are all very critical for someone who wants to succeed. By speaking to our students at CEO Day (Career Exploration Opportunity) and allowing them to meet you and ask questions, you have provided them with the insight into the world of work.”

- Dr. Susan Stocks, Director of Special Programs, Anaheim Union School District
“I accepted a job at Bain & Company in their San Francisco office. I’m pretty excited! I just wanted to send you guys an update and sincerely thank all of you for your help and coaching. I really believe that TRI really gave me a lot of valuable experience that has allowed me to deal with a diversity of leadership and business situations successfully. So thank you!!”
- Adam Burgh, University of California, Berkley - Honors Graduate, Oregon FBLA State Officer Alumnus
“I just wanted to thank you for every time you would stress leadership and attitude. I've become the go to guy at work when some aspect of PR or motivation has to be applied. I thank YOU for that and for tomorrow as well.”
- David Schwab, EMT, RN, California HOSA State Officer Alumnus

“Byron, I attended two of your workshops at the Pennsylvania Fall Leadership Workshop. After the conclusion of your presentations, I was thinking about what you were talking about and I recalled one of my favorite quotes: “Many people miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.” That's the biggest point you made that caught my attention. I just wanted to tell you thanks for showing instead of telling; very few people can talk about a topic while supporting their points. Your speech was eye-opening, and I applaud you for it.”

- Max Levi, Student, Pennsylvania

“Josh! I was at Penn State for the FBLA workshop and I attended all of your sessions. You did an AWESOME job! I learned TONSSS and I am now very very interested in stocks/mutual funds.  Thanks so much!”

Kyle Farr

“Ryan, I was at the FBLA/FCCLA conference and I wanted to let you know that it was great! I really don’t like to listen to the traditional boring speaker that every one always has. You were for real…and that’s so cool! Thank you!"

- Kaley Arel, Vermont FCCLA/FBLA

“I wanted to thank TRI for helping our brand new chapter at the Fall Leadership Conference in Vallejo. Ryan and Carrie are such inspirational speakers! You were very motivating! Thanks for all your help!”

- Jamie Wong, California HOSA Local Chapter Member

“Byron, Brycen, Carrie, and Ryan: I want to thank the four of you so very much for the amazing presentation you gave at the DECA International State Officer Academy. I learned so very much and now feel prepared to lead Michigan DECA in the coming year. Everyday since the academy I have thought about the things the four of you taught and the messages you gave. You gave me, the Michigan State Action Team, and all the State Officers of DECA and amazing experience. Thank you for that. I hope the State Action Team of Michigan and especially I can count on you as advisors and teachers throughout the coming year. I also hope one or more of you may be able to attend either our Michigan’s Leadership Development Conference or Career Development Conference. It would be a great opportunity for the members of Michigan. Once again thank you for the amazing experience at the Officer Academy!”

- William L. E. Freeland, State President, Michigan DECA

“Ryan I just wanted to share with you about the importance of your impact on my students. As each state officer starts out, I know that they will receive the very best in training. At the end of their term, they have come so much farther than I could have ever imagined! As a bit of a control freak, it was very hard to "turn over" that first student. With each student is has become easier and easier to not only give them over, but push them towards TeamTRI. Most important of all, the lessons that I learn are life-long lessons that I use every day to make me a better teacher and advisor. I could not have made it through the responsibilities of this last year without the support of Carrie at each HOSA event. She made me feel capable and her advice has been invaluable to me. And, even though you know, I wanted to say what an inspiration she has been to me and my students. Thank you for your love of your job!

- Wendy Webb, HOSA Local Chapter Advisor, Past Board Chair, California HOSA, Inc.

“I’m going to NLC! Thank you! You're probably wondering why I'm thanking you for me attending NLC well...here's how it works, In October you were the keynote speaker at the Leadership Institute. You told us a story about writing down your top 10 goals. On our way back to school I made the decision that I wanted to attend our organizations National Conference. When I got back to school I was talking with a fellow chapter member and I brought up my desire to attend NLC. "Remember to write it down!" she reminded me, so I did...on everything! Besides writing down my goals, I studied hard for my tests. I took first place at the regional level, I was ecstatic. I studied even harder for state, and whenever I got too stressed, all I had to do was see the big red "ORLANDO" on my papers and that just seemed to make everything easier. This morning my advisor told me that I had been bumped up and that the spot at nationals was mine if I wanted it. Of course I said yes! So thank you, Mr. Underwood for giving me the idea to actually write my goals down, I can't wait for NLC.”

- Heidi Hess, Oregon FBLA Alumnus and National Finalist
“In about two weeks we will be having a Parents Night for FBLA. We need someone to get their children as motivated as you did us at the Institute for Leaders!! By the way IFL was so awesome!!! My Chapter and I would be very honored if one of the members of TRI comes to that meeting! Thank you!"
- Veronica Ramirez, School of Liberal Arts and Science, Texas
“First of all, let me say your conference was exhilarating, exciting, and informative. We truly thought that this conference was one of the better ones we have ever attending in our career fields. We will definitely recommend it to anyone! I wish all members would take this conference just once. Ann and I would like to say “Thank You” to your entire team!”
- Carole Myers, Sullivan University, Kentucky
“Thank you so much for speaking at our Leadership Development Institute in Long Beach! You helped make the conference a HUGE success!"
- LDI Conference Planning Committee, California
"Thank you for speaking at our national officer training! We learned so much from you in just one day! You truly have a gift for leadership and you inspire us all!"
- National DECA Officers

“Thank you Ryan and TeamTRI for your motivation, inspiration, and spark to light the path to national office. My energy level, chipper personality, and smile would not have stayed high without your enthusiasm.”

- Bryan West, FBLA National Vice President and State President, Nevada

“Ryan, Byron, Carrie, and Jay:, On behalf of Cass High School I would like to thank you for coming to our Georgia HOSA Leadership Conference. Your presence there has resulted in many great ideas for our HOSA chapter. Your passion for excellence made us all become very enthusiastic about our chapter. Thank you for all you’ve done for HOSA. We hope you’ll continue coming back to Georgia!”

- Christy Ledbetter, Cass High School HOSA, Georgia
“Dear Skip, Ryan, and Carrie: Thank you for coming to the Colorado Fall Leadership Conference! I liked your workshops and how they guided me to be doing as an officer this year. I greatly appreciated your sessions!”
- Hayley Schneider, Colorado

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