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Our Team

TeamTRI’s mission is to be a dynamic team of friends having fun making a difference.  At TRI you have to be dynamic to work here.  But, that’s not enough.  You also have to bring fun, energy, and enthusiasm.  But, that’s still not enough.  The spirit of service, teamwork, and adaptability are vital to be part of the team.  High standards combined with the constant quest to learn, contribute ideas, and be better are a must.  We work long hours in crazy environments—and we love it.

Our team is nationwide.  We take full advantage of today’s technology to create a close network of friends absolutely dedicated to one principle—making a difference.  TRI’s strength comes from its diversity—in all aspects of the word.  Whether its faith, political affiliation, geographic location, professional training, favorite flavor of ice cream, or the obvious—age/culture/gender we love our team and the richness and experience they bring. 

Being part of the team doesn’t always mean a full time assignment.  In the same way we ask each team member to be flexible, the virtual nature of our team requires TRI to be flexible as well.  This makes our team happy—and translates to happy clients as well.  Some of our team prefer to be full-time.  Others own their own businesses or are leaders in several different organizations.  Some are retired while others are in college.  Many started as clients while others grew up in our leadership programs.  What unites us is the call to service and our commitment to each other and to each client.

Welcome to TeamTRI where it’s a pleasure to serve!


Executive Team

CEO and Chief Leadership Officer (OK)

President (OK)

General Counsel and Co-Founder (OR)

Leadership Team

Director of Logistics
Executive Lead (Italy)

Director of Technology & Leadership Engineer (CA)

Director of Development
and Leadership Operations (CA)

Director of Association Management (WA)

Controller (OR)

Director of Marketing, Events, and Coaching (CO)

Services Team

Leadership Specialist (UT)

Logistics & Marketing Specialist (WA)

Director of Education and Programs (KY)

Senior Program Manager (OR)

Communication Manager (MN)

Finance Specialist (OK)

Association Services Manager (WA)

Technical Services Lead (NV)

Association Services Manager (OR)

Finance and Registration Specialist (OK)

Creative and Technical Lead (OK)

Finance Specialist (AL)

Association Management Specialist (WA)

Association Management Specialist (IN)

Keynote Speakers

Bill Cordes (KS)
Byron Garrett (DC)
Jay Hollowell (VA)
John Beede (NV)
Julie Carrier (VA)
Keith Hawkins (CA)
Kelly Barnes (OK)
Kent Butler (AR)
Kent Julian (GA)
Rhett Laubach (OK)
Ryan Underwood (OK)
Toody Byrd (TX)
Patrick T. Grady (FL)
Wiley Bailey (AL)

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