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Free Resources

“The best angle to approach any challenge is the TRI-angle!”

Our full company name is TRI Leadership Resources.  Our friends and clients know us as “TRI” or “TeamTRI.”  This portion of our site is dedicated to sharing complimentary and frequently requested “Resources” and leadership information that have helped organizations of all sizes triumph!

Feel free to download these resources and “TRI” them out to see if they are an angle that will help those you serve.  If you are visiting this site, need a hand with resources, and don’t find what you’re looking for here, send a note to our Director of Leadership Amy Gallimore (amy@teamtri.com) and we’ll do our best to help you!

Accountability Chart Template
From corporations like Disney to student organizations this simple tool helps organize and record random “action items” that that can come up during official meetings, planning sessions, or informal gatherings.  This template available for download includes worksheets for current action items, completed action items, our GO BIG Goals objective summary worksheet, and team consequences sample.  This document is created in Excel so it can be downloaded, customized, and ready to capture accountability items right away!

Activating Boards to Be Effective Champions
This file is the PowerPoint presentation on nonprofit governance, dynamic leadership, and building an effective Board of Directors.  It highlights basics of board representation, areas to champion, information improvement, organizing board performers and exploration of types of boards for nonprofits.  Extensive information on board leadership development based on the Personal Leadership Insight concept by Rhett Laubach and Ryan Underwood is also highlighted.

Chapter Development Pyramid
TRI’s work with leading youth development organizations like National 4-H, Student Council, Team Focus, and Career Technical Student Organizations (FBLA, DECA, TSA, SkillsUSA, FCCLA, FFA, BPA, HOSA) often places us in a unique position to assist the adult leaders of these terrific organizations with developing their local school-based programs.  This resource is practice-based model we have developed to serve as both an outline and road map for building a dynamic and results based chapter.  This model is the cornerstone of a broader three part professional development curriculum we have developed to train advisors and leaders of youth organizations.

Effective PR Campaigns
This file is the PowerPoint of information shared at BizTalk where TRI was a featured presenter at their annual symposium bringing together corporate, nonprofit, charitable, and government organizations throughout Central California.  This presentation on Effective Public Relations campaigns highlights goals of PR, highlights case studies from experience with clients like Disney, USAID, March of Dimes, FFA, and FCCLA.  This presentation also includes a five step PR journey for organizations of all budget sizes to consider when taking on this essential element of marketing and communications.

The Etiquette Code: Requirement or Just a Guideline
This six page article published in Dimensions Magazine is designed to provide helpful hints, tips and tricks, and insights into etiquette for today’s leaders.  This article targeted at blossoming young professionals is written to provide practical advice on etiquette while incorporating themes ranging from Pirates of the Caribbean to George Washington’s 100 Rules of Civility this article even includes specific lessons for both ladies and gentlemen. 

Foot in the Door!  Foot Up the Ladder!
This two page article published for our friends at Team Focus is designed for parents who are helping their child prepare for their first job opportunity.  This article outlines five pieces of advice that Mom and Dad can give to their child as they head out to prepare for the world of work.

Mastering Meetings
This twelve page article was published in Leadership Magazine is designed to help leaders remove the dread from dead meetings by outlining successful practices that make meetings come to life.  It outlines four essential elements of meeting success including People, Place, Plan, and Process.  Meetings don’t have to be boring events.  They can and should be productive, dynamic, engaging and even fun and this resource is here to help all who go to one too many meetings.

Rule Like Robert!  Meet Bob
If athletes play on courts and fields then “leadership athletes” tend to find their venue the boardroom.  Whether you like it or not, leaders spend a lot of time in meetings and often find themselves in the position of being the “chair” of those meetings.  We asked the two former National Parliamentarians and five parli junkies on our training team to develop a resource designed to be a tip sheet to help leaders operate more effective meetings. Whether you are trying to understand Robert’s Rules of Order for formal meetings or the more informal “Bob” style of parli pro, this resource is a starter resource to get you going.  It contains typical scripts for making motions, a sample meeting agenda, our 3D style minutes template, and an Accountability Chart for summarizing key action items. 

Youth Trends
TRI’s work across the nation on the local, state, and federal level provides us with unique insights into the hearts, minds, and happenings of today’s youth.  This popular presentation designed and delivered by TRI’s CEO Ryan Underwood for educators, administrators, policy makers, and youth development leaders shares a wide range of data and information useful for developing strategies and approaches for youth programming.  The perspective on the 90 million people in the “Gamer Generation” is a particularly insightful.  This information is based on research gathered through TRI’s youth development work on behalf of The White House, National Association of Secondary School Principals, Career Technical Student Organizations, National 4-H, University Continuing Education, American Youth Policy Forum, and an outstanding book entitled “The Kids are Alright—How the Gamer Generation is Changing the Workplace”, and the U.S. Departments of Education, Justice, Health & Human Services, and Agriculture.

Helping America’s Youth
In his 2005 State of the Union Address, the President announced a broad effort to engage all Americans in helping young people become healthy adults.  He asked Mrs. Laura Bush to lead this important effort, which became known as the Helping America’s Youth initiative.  Helping America’s Youth is a nationwide effort to raise awareness about the challenges facing our youth, particularly at-risk boys, and to motivate caring adults to connect with youth in three key areas: family, school, and community.  TeamTRI was asked to support this important effort as initiative consultants, event managers, and logistics coordinators for six regional conferences.  In addition to the many positive results achieved through the leadership of the President, First Lady, and ten federal agencies, the event also brought together an enormous volume of resources for those engaged in the work of positive youth development. 

View Free Videos Online
To hear from youth experts and presentations by national leaders click www.helpingamericasyouth.gov and view the proceedings from one of the six regional conferences held in Indianapolis, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis, Dallas, or Portland. 

Download Free Resources
Visit http://www.helpingamericasyouth.gov/exhibithall.cfm to download free youth development resources from the Online Exhibit Hall. 

The Helping America’s Youth website is also managed by TeamTRI.  The Community Guide to Helping America’s Youth (a component of the website) is managed by our friends and partners from the Institute for Intergovernmental Research—IIR.  The creative media and live show was produced in partnership with our friends from Cybis.



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