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“TRI is a dynamic team of friends having fun making a difference.”

We specialize in Training & Development, Event Management, and Association Leadership

“Find something you love in life you love doing that you would
do for free but do it so well you get paid for it.”

At TRI we love what we do! TRI was founded because people kept asking us to come and help. We started in 1991 with one workshop—“Target Your Dreams.” In trying to help others find their dreams and set goals we ended up living ours.

We learned that if you do something well, you’ll get the opportunity to do more.

One workshop led to a keynote address. The keynote speech led to an invitation to run a retreat. The retreat led to a request to coach the same group of leaders all year. Coaching led to the opportunity to power up an annual conference. Delivering a successful event led to the request for TRI to manage a statewide nonprofit organization.

Today, we have helped more than 1,000,000 leaders and our dream is larger than ever! Whether it is online, training the front lines, or starting a new line of business, TRI has become the source individuals and organizations turn to for ideas that work and a full range of leadership solutions.

We learned that while there are many solutions to challenges, the one
that works most often are the ones that you believe in most.

At TRI, customers are more than clients—they are partners. Our success is linked to one another. Our partners believe in our team and the solutions we bring. That belief translates into freedom, progress, and success.



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