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Why Choose TeamTRI?

Top 10 Reasons Clients Love Working with TRI

At TeamTRI we pride ourselves in the longevity of our client relationships.  We continue to serve the same original clients who gave us our start almost twenty years ago and since that time we have grown to serve so many more.  Each new client gets the same care and attention that has kept our first clients with us all these years.  At TRI we are committed to making every client interaction and experience the very best and time and time again we hear just how much our clients appreciate the way we serve.  Read on to learn why our clients love working with TRI.

Here are the top ten reasons why our clients say they chose us or continue to work with us year after year:

  1. Top Quality:  TRI is absolutely committed to quality and getting the job done right.  Some say, “the devil’s in the details.”  Well, at TRI that is where we believe the magic is: in the details.  We notice what others often skip over.  We attend to the little things whose cumulative affect makes a big difference.  Clients love TRI because we bring as much quality as their budgets can handle.

  2. High Value:  TRI loves to discount our services.  We love to do that because when we discount it means we have a smart client who is taking advantage of bundling the leadership resources we can bring.  Discounts mean that a client is so happy they referred business to us and are receiving a “thank you note” in the form of savings on their project.  Discounts mean we have embarked on a long-term agreement to work together, and a long-term agreement provides savings to TRI which we share and pass on to our clients.

  3. Creative Custom Approaches:  Clients do not seek TRI’s help because they want to do the same old thing.  They want something fresh, new, exciting, different, fun, cool, and expertly executed.  They want to engage hearts and minds and mobilize action.  Anyone who works with TRI quickly realizes that it seems like there is no end to the creativity and ideas we can generate.  We often generate way more innovation than budgets, calendars, and people can handle.  So, we have also gotten good at disciplined project management and spreading out idea execution over the long term—which gives everyone something to look forward to!

  4. Leaders and Learners:  A lot of people talk about their “years of experience” doing whatever it is they do.  However, having experience does not necessarily make you an expert.  Just because you have experience driving a car for twenty years does not make you a professional NASCAR driver, able to drive a giant fire truck, or that you should be trusted driving a 50 passenger school bus full of kids.  When you hire TRI you are hiring leaders who are constantly training, learning, practicing, and refining expertise.  We are members of more than ten key industry associations who provide continuous professional development, knowledge advancement, and best practices sharing.  We are published authors, panelists, contributors, and thought leaders in the areas where we work.  We value education with 90% of our team holding bachelors degrees and many have graduate, doctoral, or special certifications achieved or currently underway.  Most importantly, we seek the direct, anonymous, and constructive feedback of our clients so we can learn from experience and lead continuous improvement efforts.

  5. Range of Diversity:  Diversity means variety and that’s one of the reasons TRI is such an interesting and fun organization to have working for your mission.  This diversity means the generation of great ideas, the respect for multiple points of view, and the capability to manage and attend to a variety of challenges.  When you combine the variety of people such as a banker, artist, hotelier, principal, farmer, teacher, fireman, lawyer, researcher, presidential writer, nurse, network technician, coach, minister, cheerleader, economic developer, interior decorator, policy advisor, soldier, broker, and more—you’re going to get a creative and capable force.  Add to that a full compliment of faiths, political affiliations, ages, and race and you gain diversity of perspective, understanding, and approach to solutions.

  6. Extensions of Your Organization:  We understand that when you hire TRI you are going outside to bring powerful results inside your organization.  For TRI that means looking out for your best interests—even if they are in conflict with ours.  It means representing your opinion and the way you want things to work—even if we see things slightly different.  It means protecting your brand, looking out for opportunities, connecting you to other networks of difference makers that can help your organization thrive and grow.

  7. Positive, Powerful, and Professional:  It seems we live in stressful times that are only getting more fast-paced, casual, and impersonal.  But, when folks hire TRI, they are hiring a refreshing return to the good old days of professionalism, decorum, and style.  We see problems and possibilities that need solutions.  We see negative and critical folks as people who just need a lot more positive care, listening, and understanding.  We try to dress a notch above the average, and it is not because we love starch filled collars or the luxurious feel of high heels.  When we work for you, we represent and make an impression to the world about a very important organization—yours!

  8. One Stop Shop:  We know that leaders of organizations never have enough time or enough resources to do everything that needs to be done.  But, by working with TRI organizations are able to get significantly more for their organization.  Convenience, ease, integration, synergy, fast access to vast resources, and savings all come when you can call one number to help you troubleshoot and strategize.

  9. Long Term Relationship:  Making a difference takes connection, relationships, and leveraging talent and assets.  You can only understand this from working together over time.  While there are many similarities between events, organizations, and clients—each is also special and unique.  Our long term relationships provide continuity, experience, customization, and the friendships it takes to deliver.  We also know that the Free Enterprise system is a boom and bust system.  Because we are in it for the long term, we will not abandon clients when economic times are tough, we are in it together.

  10. Making a Difference:   When we started TRI it was to make a difference.  But, you do not stay in business for nearly two decades unless you are actually making a difference.  The leaders and organizations we have worked with are realizing their dreams, goals, and visions.  And, when you ask them about contributors to their success, we still blush when we hear them say “we couldn’t have done it without TRI.”

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