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Results of TRI’s Independent Past Performance Evaluation

Many companies conduct internal evaluations to get a feel for what their customers think and experience.  We do this at TeamTRI, but it is also a company practice to sit down with our team and clients on a regular basis to debrief and complete After Action Reviews.  We find it an affordable, fast, and effective method for learning, growing, and making surgical adjustments to improve service.  This is just where TRI’s performance evaluation process starts.  We also hire independent, third-party evaluators to anonymously obtain feedback from a cross section of our clients so that we know we are getting a accurate picture. 

Below you will find the latest Dun and Bradstreet’s (D&B) Past Performance Evaluation for TeamTRI.   Customers from the following industry sectors provided anonymous feedback on TRI’s services in the following areas:

  • Public Health Programs
  • Educational Programs
  • Legal Services
  • Government Agencies
  • Management Consulting Firms
  • College & Universities
  • Social Services
  • Civic and Social Organizations

TRI received an overall performance rating of 95 out of 100 points based on D&B’s sophisticated algorithm.  This score gives TRI a top rating indicating our likely overall performance when hired. 

We are also pleased with these detailed performance rating areas: 

Reliability = 95
Does the company follow through on its commitments?

Cost = 94
Did your final costs correspond to your expectations?

Order Accuracy = 93
How well did the service delivered match your specifications?

Timeliness = 92
How satisfied do you feel about the timeliness of service delivery?

Quality = 94
How satisfied were you with the quality of services provided?

Business Relations = 96
How easy do you think this company is to do business with?

Personnel = 98
How satisfied did you feel with the attitude, courtesy, and professionalism of staff?

Customer Support = 95
How satisfied did you feel with the support you received?

Responsiveness = 94
How responsive was the company in regard to information requests, issues, or problems that arose in the course of doing business?

While all of our detailed ratings results are in the superior performance category, we will not be totally satisfied until our specially assigned project teams lead us to 100 point ratings across the board.  Until then, we will build off our strong performance results to get there.

Hopefully this evaluation data helps give you insight into TRI as your training and development, event management, and association leadership partner.  But, the evaluation data that truly matters is yours.  So, see for yourself.  Give TRI a chance to help your organization TRIUMPH, win, and reach new levels of success. 

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