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Personal Leadership Insight’s new Leadership Locator and
Navigator Teacher’s Edition in Schools Now

PLI NavigatorAfter two and half years of research, more than 1,000 contributing leaders, and the equivalent of over 100 days of collaborative writing, Personal Leadership Insight (PLI) is officially launched in book format to benefit the world’s next generation of leaders and difference makers! 

PLI is a joint project of Rhett Laubach and Ryan Underwood utilizing the extensive experience and resources of YourNextSpeaker and TRI Leadership Resources with the goal to help leaders increase their understanding of how to positively influence people and situations to create value and growth. 

The initial research and practice-driven products resulting from the PLI concept:

  • The Ten Essentials of Personal Leadership Insight
  • The Leadership Locator – a 100+ page book and workbook designed for high school leaders
  • The Navigator – a 250+ page teacher’s guide to The Leadership Locator including scalable content, commentary, activities, stories, cases studies,  suitable for project and theory-driven leadership classes
  • PLI Ventures – Leadership-based projects linked to the “Ten Essentials of PLI” and the Navigator/Locator curriculum
  • The PLI Blog – more than 365 days worth of leadership nuggets, links, tips, tricks, and resources related to the “Ten Essentials of PLI”
  • The PLI Impact Grid – a practical model for understanding why each essential
  • PLI ViewPoint – leadership styles assessment

PLI LocatorBy January 2009 we’ll launch a feature-rich membership-based website for educators with video footage, added activities, resources, teacher’s guides, and even more helpful resources all designed to help leaders increase their understanding of how to create value and growth.

A million thanks to our PLI Team including Kelly Barnes, Ashley Laubach, Amy Gallimore, and Carrie Underwood!

For more information about Personal Leadership Insight, The Leadership Locator, and The Navigator email pli@teamtri.com

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