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3D Meeting Minutes – Improving Meeting Record Keeping

Leaders are always in meetings.  Honestly, it seems like everyone is always in meetings.  And, of course when the meeting is done there is the meeting record that is needed to record what was decided and what gets to be done next.  TRI’s Leadership Studio designed a record keeping model to help improve meeting process. 

The “3D” record keeping format is designed to track in an organized manner the key aspects of proceedings:  Discussion, Decision, and Direction.  “Discussion” is a quick summary of the agenda item, ideas generated, and information shared.  “Decision” records the specific call that has been made by the meeting participants on a given topic.  “Direction” is the deliverable action items that support the realization of the decision made.  For formal meetings, “Discussion” and “Decision” are recorded in the minutes.  “Direction” or action items get recorded separately so that deliverables, deadlines, and those who have been delegated to can easily track work between meetings.   



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