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GO BIG Goals – Learning Spectrum Goal Processing

At TRI we do not train on traditional goal setting.  Anyone can set a goal and many do.  The challenge is to get the goals you set.  We call this “Goal Processing” and it’s a major leadership essential of our co-authored leadership curriculum called “Personal Leadership Insight.”  But, too often, leaders are put into situations where they simply “don’t know what they don’t know.”  They are asked to establish measurable goals for those they lead, but, without necessarily knowing the resources, time frame, and realities of the environment where goals will be pursued. 

So, our Leadership Studio created the “GO B.I.G.” concept to help leaders set a range of goals rather than just a fixed point on the horizon.  We call this “Spectrum Goal Setting”.  B.I.G. is an acronym that stands for Budget, Incredible, and Grand Slam.  The “B” or Budget goal is the baseline or ground level goal. It’s the absolute minimum acceptable result that leaders will tolerate.  Once the “B” has been reached, it’s time to go after the “I” or Incredible goal.  This goal is going to take effort to achieve, but, leaders know that with effort, planning, and initiative it is within reach.  “G” or Grand Slam is a true stretch goal.  Often, “G” is a visionary place that today’s leaders are setting up for the next generation.  By using this “spectrum” concept leaders ideally establish goals that in turn allow future leaders to build on the vision and progress underway rather than starting from scratch each time.

The result of the GO BIG Goals concept has been a one page worksheet summary of measurable benchmarks team’s of leaders are reaching to attain.  It combines historical measure with current status and outlines in a user-friendly manner what a team of leaders has set out to achieve.  Reporting, accountability, promotion of goals, and initiative have all seen increases for organizations who utilize the GO BIG concept because it does more than help leaders set goals—it provides an easy-to-use tool for processing goals and turning them into reality.    



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