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Pass the Noodle – Transforming Boring into a Blast with a Simple Pool Noodle

When programs need a creative, engaging, and powerful leadership component TRI often gets the call to design something special.  One recent challenge our Leadership Studio faced was designing an interactive network development and leadership experience.  The venue was a traditional hotel ballroom packed full of round tables with no space to maneuver.  Add to this participants dressed in suits who thought they would have to “endure” boring meetings for two days and the stage was set to turn this situation into a blast! 

Enter, a simple pool noodle, an IPOD packed with music, and 20 engaging and in-your-chair activities.  Think of Pass the Noodle as musical chairs meets MTV while stopping by the fun factory.  When the music starts—it is time to pass the noodle.  When the music stops the fun begins.  You may have to perform, you may be the only one who doesn’t have to perform, or you may get to be the person who chooses who gets to showcase their mad skill.  The 20 activities were custom designed to bring out the organization’s priorities, personal leadership exploration, initiative, and skill demonstration. 

The result was a room transformed from boring into one buzzing with energy ready for even more leadership lessons and learning.



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