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Online Reporting – Automated Monthly Tracking of Action and Progress

As leadership coaches, TeamTRI works on a regular basis personally mentoring and training elected organization leaders during their term of service.  As association mangers, TeamTRI knows the importance of reporting progress, action, and accountabilities.  This usually means some type of monthly report.  TRI’s Leadership Studio was challenged to take a manual “fill out this report and email or fax it in” system and rebuild it online.

The results of our online reporting program is a customary method for all leaders to use when reporting progress.  Reports are filed online in a user-friendly, custom-format according to the deliverables and action items most valued by the leaders and the association.  Email reports now not only automatically distribute to superiors and fellow team members (e.g. Board of Directors, Staff, etc.) but, an electronic record is also created that is searchable and easily viewable.  Now communications and public relations folks can assess reports for news stories.  Development officials can quickly review reports for opportunities to expand programs and partnerships.  Leadership coaches can recognize achievement publicly or identify specific areas where more time and coaching are needed to reach success.


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